Sleeping Mats

If you want great hiking adventures, you need a great sleeping mat

With an Alton hiking mattress / camping sleeping mat in your pack, you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to perform at your best. Like all of our best-selling hiking gear, our 5-star rated sleeping mats / mattresses are crafted with lifelong functionality in mind. Featuring smart weight dispersion technology and micro-adjustable values for individualised support, our sleeping pads conform to your body whether you're a front, back, or side sleeper.

Hiking sleeping mats built for comfort, durability and performance

Lightweight, compact and ultra-durable, our hiking mattress / sleeping mat delivers unparalleled comfort and lifelong functionality. We sourced the best quality materials with proven durability and carried out rigorous testing to ensure that our sleeping mats can withstand prolonged use in harsh environments. With advanced puncture resistance, leak-proof construction and a noise-reducing TPU coating, our camping mats are engineered to optimise your recovery on overnight adventures.

Never hang off the edge of your sleeping pad again

Never hang off the edge of your mat again – our hiking mattresses / sleeping mats come in Regular, Wide, Large, and Double sizes, available in Insulated (R4) and Ultralight (R2.5) options. For next-level comfort, use your camping mat with our Fitted Sheet. Constructed from soft, moisture-wicking fabric, our fitted sheets feature a convenient built-in pocket to hold your camping pillow in place throughout the night.

Sleeping Mat FAQs

  • Yes, sleeping mats are worth it and almost always necessary for overnight adventures. Here’s why: 


    Unless you like sleeping on the cold, hard ground, then you’ll need a supportive and comfortable sleeping mat (or an alternative, such as a camping hammock) for any camping trip. 


    Even in warmer weather, the ground can get surprisingly cold at night. A sleeping mat provides essential insulation, helping you stay warm and cosy. 


    A sleeping mat for camping plays a vital role in ensuring that you get the rest you need to perform at your best.

  • Well, we think our sleeping mat is the best, but cheeky self-promotion aside, the answer to this question actually requires a little more explanation. There is no such thing as the ‘best’ sleeping mat for camping. Instead, there is the best sleeping pad for your specific needs.

  • Here’s a quick overview of how to choose a good R-value for a sleeping pad: 

    R-Value 0.5 to 2.0 → Warm (down to 10º at night) 

    If you only go camping in warm, summery weather, then you don’t need to worry about having much insulation – an R-value of 0.5 to 2.0 will be plenty. 

    R-Value 2.0 to 3.5 → Cool (down to 5º at night) 

    A camping mat with an R-value of 2.5 to 3.5 can be used in summer without overheating, but it has enough insulation to keep you warm when the temperature drops in spring or autumn. 

    R-Value 3.5 to 5.0 → Cold (down to 0º at night)

    If you are camping in cold, wintery conditions, then you want a mat with a R-value of 4 or higher. 

    R-Value 5.0+ → Extreme (-3º or lower at night) 

    For camping in high-altitude or arctic environments, you need a specialised sleeping mat with an R-value of 5.0 or more.

  • Yes, all of our sleeping mats are covered by our All Good Guarantee, a Lifetime Warranty* against manufacturing defects. Our outdoor equipment is built to meet our rigorous durability and performance standards, so you can rely on it to take you further and last a lifetime. 

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