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Trusted by hiking guides, military personnel, bikepackers and everyday adventures across Australia and beyond, Alton has earned a global reputation for producing elite-level camping shelters. Crafted with premium materials and rigorously tested in extreme environments, our collection of camping shelters don’t cut corners when it comes to quality. Equip yourself for next-level adventures – shop our full range of best-selling camping gear online now.

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As an independently owned Australian outdoor store, we are committed to producing outdoor equipment that puts performance over profits. Since 2015, we have built our brand around uncompromising quality, functionality and innovation, and our camping shelters are no exception. Whether it’s our best-selling camping hammock or our innovative swag x camping bivvy hybrid, you can count on Alton to take you further than ever before.

Australia’s top-rated sleeping gear collection

We get that every adventure (and every adventurer), is different. That’s why our collection of camping shelters is designed for unmatched versatility. And, if it’s versatility you’re after, nothing beats a camping tarp as the ultimate adaptable shelter for camping. With more 5-star ratings than any other camping tarp on the market, our 3m x 3m Camping Tarp equips you to experience the wild on your own terms.

Camping Shelter FAQs

  • Tents, tarps, hammocks, bivvies, swags… There are a LOT of different types of camping shelters to choose from. Here’s a quick guide to common camping shelters: 

    Camping Tent
    A camping tent is a compact, portable shelter with a pole-frame structure and one or more zip-up entry points. Most tents are made up of two layers, an enclosed mesh inner layer and an outer rain fly, that provide protection in a wide variety of conditions. 

    Camping Tarp
    Camping tarps are made up of a single sheet of lightweight waterproof fabric that form a waterproof, windproof shelter. Tarps are the ultimate multi-purpose camping shelter, capable of providing shade, covering a camp kitchen area, offering rain cover and so, so much more – just read our blog, Everything You Need to Know About Tarp Camping, and you’ll see what we mean. 

    Camping Hammock
    Yes, camping hammocks are not just for chilling by the beach. A camping hammock gives you a sleeping space off the ground, which can be ideal for some environments. Another great feature of camping hammocks is that they can be incredibly comfortable – if you know how to set them up properly. Read this comprehensive hammock camping guide for expert tips and advice.  

    Camping Swag
    An Aussie icon, camping swags are constructed from heavy-duty canvas material and have a mattress built in, making them an awesome option for car-camping or 4WD trips. 

    Camping Bivvy
    A camping bivvy, also known as a bivy or bivouac sack, is a lightweight, minimalist shelter that is designed to slip over your sleeping bag. Bivvies are ideal for solo backpackers who are serious about carrying as little weight as possible.

    Other Camping SheltersThere are lots of options that might not fit into the camping shelter categories we’ve mentioned so far. Here at Alton, we’ve created our own hybrid, the Walkabout Swag, which combines some of the characteristics of a traditional swag and a bivvy to make a unique one person shelter for camping.

  • If you go by what hundreds of Australian adventurers are saying, Alton’s ultralight camping tarps are considered among the best camping tarps on the market.

    Our classic 3m x 3m Ultralight Camping Tarp has more 5-star reviews than any other tarp on the market. Here’s just a few of the things people have to say about it: 

    “This tarp is amazing!” – Shaun B. 

    “Waterproof, easy to use and ultralight ALL IN ONE!” – Alicia J.  

    “Lightweight quality. Multiple attachments. Reliable even in heavy downpours. Get one.” – Craig S. 

    “This thing is awesome. It is everything it says it is and more.” – Sam P. 

    What’s the secret? Well, our camping tarps are made to the highest quality, performance and durability standards, constructed from waterproof Ripstop Nylon dual-coated with Silicone and PU that is resistant to damage from abrasion, UV, punctures and ripping. Plus, every tarp comes with Dyneema® Hardcord guylines with micro line locks, Prusiks, a 550 Paracord ridgeline and ultralight aluminium pegs included.

    Looking for pro-grade outdoor equipment that’s built to last? You’re in the right place; shop Alton’s top-rated camping gear online now!

  • We put quality first here at Alton. All products in our outdoor store are covered by our All Good Guarantee, a Lifetime Warranty* against manufacturing defects. This is our promise to you that our outdoor gear is built to last a lifetime of adventure. 

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