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As an independently owned and operated outdoor store, Alton is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality hiking gear at a fair price. Tested in the toughest conditions and backed by a Lifetime Warranty*, all our outdoor equipment is built with performance, durability and lifelong functionality in mind. Our camping gear kits are hand curated to ensure maximum performance when used together or separately, saving you time, money and effort.

Camping Gear Bundles FAQs

  • We can’t speak for everyone, but here are some of the things we’ve forgotten to take camping over the years… 

    Headlamp / Flashlight
    A headlamp is one of those small items that is really easy to forget. And then there have also been times we’ve forgotten to charge it or bring spare batteries, so we had our headlamp but it was completely useless... oops!  

    Camping Stove Fuel
    We haven’t ever forgotten our camping stove, but we have forgotten the fuel… And accidentally grabbed the nearly empty gas canister instead of the full one… But we can confirm, it only takes one trip without warm food to make you NEVER forget your camping stove fuel again.   

    Camping Mug
    Yes, there has been the odd occasion when we forgot our camping mug. Again, it’s something that’s small and it is easy to overlook while you’re packing up all your other kitchen supplies. 

    Camping Cutlery
    Lots of hikers would agree that they have often forgotten little (but very important) camping dinnerware items like cutlery. Not ideal. 

    Cooking Oil, Salt & Pepper
    We don’t know about you, but if there is one thing we forget more than anything else, it is oil, salt and pepper. If you’re just eating dehydrated camping meals then this isn’t a biggie, but if you’re into cooking your own food (like us) then you’ll be kicking yourself when you realise you’ve forgotten these indispensables yet again! 

    Extra Snacks
    Hiking makes you hungry. And hiking when hungry sucks – trust us, we’ve tried it before and can report that it is not a good time. Since then, we’ve made a habit of always bringing extra snacks and more food than we think we need. 

    Trash bag
    It’s always handy to have a little bag for rubbish, but we’re not the only campers who will tell you that we’ve forgotten this essential more than once. We now keep a stash of small trash bags in our camping gear storage box so we remember to take one when it comes time to pack. 

    Ultralight Trowel
    We’ve all seen enough piles of soggy toilet paper in the bush to know that LOTS of people forget to pack a ultralight trowel for burying their business. Don’t be one of them. 

    Hiking Socks
    Ok, we will admit, we have a bit of a thing about camping socks. We take a pair of socks for hiking during the day, then also a pair for chilling when we get to camp, and a spare pair if our hiking socks get wet… and maybe one more pair just in case. Yes, it sounds like a lot, but we always regret it when we forget to take enough socks on our adventures! 

    Gloves & Beanie
    In cooler weather, having a warm pair of gloves and beanie is a must. But because you don’t always take them on hiking trips, it seems like people are more prone to forgetting them. 

    Call us old fashioned, but we swear by handkerchiefs for hiking trips and always miss it if we forget to bring it along. Especially if you’re hiking in colder climates, it is normal to get a runny nose – a hankie makes all the difference!

    Rain Jacket
    Yes, once we forgot to bring a rain jacket on a multi-day hike. We were lucky because it was only really rainy one day (we just waited it out in our tent), but we have never gotten over the embarrassment of telling our hiking buddies that we forgot one of the most important essentials that everyone knows they need for camping trips.  

    Forgetting things is normal, especially when you’re just starting out. This is one of the reasons we highly recommend taking a waterproof notepad and pencil on your adventures, so you can jot down reminders of any gear you forgot or think of when you’re out of the trail.

  • While there certainly is a lot of camping gear out there that is definitely NOT essential, there are some basics that you’ll need to have safe and comfortable adventures. Here’s what we consider to be ‘essential’ camping gear: 

    It doesn’t matter what you use, but every camping trip requires some form of shelter, be it a tent, tarp, or camping hammock. 

    Sleeping System
    Along with shelter, having a warm, comfortable place to sleep is a must for camping. For that reason, a sleeping bag, hiking mattress and camping pillow could all be called essential. 

    Being able to prepare, cook and eat is a basic need for survival. We consider a camping stove, basic cookware and utensils as a necessity. 

    Having a hiking water bottle and a means to purify water is essential for ensuring that you have access to clean drinking water. 

    Hopefully you’ll never need to use it, but a basic first kit is essential for camping. A map, compass, and other safety gear is also very important and may be essential for certain adventures.

    Weather-Appropriate Clothing
    Having the right hiking clothing is another essential component of any outdoor adventure. If you’re out in cold conditions, having the right combination of warm inner-layers and waterproof outer layers is essential for your safety and comfort. 

    We’re all for packing light and going further with less, but that doesn’t mean that you should head out into the wilderness Bear Grylls-style with nothing but a knife and the clothes on your back. In our bushcraft blog series, we have talked a lot about how you don’t actually need a lot to get by in the wild, but you do need the right knowledge and experience to understand how to utilise the resources you have. 

    If in doubt about whether certain camping gear is essential, it's always better to be prepared and have the extra gear than to find yourself in a difficult situation without it. Stay safe out there!

  • All Alton hiking gear, including our great-value camping bundles, is covered by our All Good Guarantee. This is a Lifetime Warranty* that covers your Alton gear for as long as you own it and is our promise to you that everything we make will live up to our industry-leading quality and performance standards. 

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