Camping mugs and drinkware built for a lifetime of adventure

If you’re looking for hiking gear with best-in-class quality and functionality, you’re in the right place. Our premium collection of ultralight titanium drinkware is subjected to rigorous testing at every stage of development to ensure maximum performance AND longevity. Constructed from grade 1 titanium, not only will your Alton titanium mug be ultralight and ultra-durable, but it will literally last you for life.

Every adventurer needs a good camping mug in their kit

Whether it’s a freshly brewed coffee to get you started for the day or a steaming cup of soup on the summit, a good camping mug lets you savour every sip. Our camping mugs and drinkware are virtually indestructible and are backed by a Lifetime Warranty* to prove it. When you invest in an Alton camping mug, you can be confident you’re investing in the best.

Non-toxic, rust-resistant and ultralight

Sipping a warm drink beside the campfire after an epic day of adventure is one of life’s simple pleasures. Our camping mugs are made to enhance those special moments, crafted to be ultralight, rust-resistant and non-toxic, meaning no nasty chemicals end up in your drink (or your body). And when you’re done, just give your titanium mug a quick rinse and you’re good to go.

Camping Mugs & Drinkware FAQs

  • As long as it isn’t ceramic, just about any mug can be used for camping. But the BEST material for camping mugs? Well, that depends on your specific needs. 

    Here’s an overview of some common camping mug materials to help you decide what’s best for you:

    Titanium Camping Mugs

    If weight and durability are important to you, then titanium is the undisputed winner. Many hikers will tell you it is the best material for camping mugs, and we’re inclined to agree. It isn’t the cheapest option out there, but it is worth every cent. 

    Stainless Steel Camping Mugs

    Stainless steel camping mugs are durable and affordable, but they aren’t as light compared to titanium. Still, they are a great choice if you aren’t too worried about your pack weight. 

    Enamel Camping Mugs

    Enamel camping mugs are popular for their old-school style, but they are prone to chipping or scratching, which can cause them to rust over time. 

    Plastic Camping Mugs 

    Plastic camping mugs are an affordable option but they are susceptible to retaining flavours or odours, so your morning coffee might taste like yesterday's soup.

    Collapsible Silicone Camping Mugs

    Collapsible silicone camping mugs can be a great way to save space in your pack, but they aren’t super durable or ultralight.

  • Titanium is ultralight yet virtually unbreakable and corrosion-resistant, so it will not easily rust or degrade over time. And, very importantly, titanium is non-reactive, meaning it is non-toxic and will not mix chemicals into your food. 

    However, titanium cookware is usually more expensive than stainless steel or aluminium alternatives. It doesn’t have the best heat distribution properties, which means hotspots can form when you chook, causing food to burn. You’ll need to stir regularly and keep the heat relatively low to avoid this.

    So, is titanium worth it? It depends on what you’re planning to do. If weight and durability are not a big deal, then a titanium cookware set may not be necessary. On the other hand, if you want a camping cookware set that will last you a lifetime and offers the very best when it comes to weight, strength and durability, then titanium is 100% worth the price.

  • Here’s why we think titanium camping mugs are 100% worth it: 

    1. Ultralight. Titanium camping mugs are feather-light, perfect for any outdoor adventure where the weight of your pack is a consideration. 
    2. Seriously tough. You can drop your titanium mug, knock it around, use it over the campfire (as long as it is not double-walled!) and it will still be good as new.
    3. Rust-Resistant. Titanium is corrosion-resistant, meaning it will last for a lifetime of use.  
    4. Food-safe & aftertaste-free. Some camping mugs can give a weird taste to your drink, right? Not a titanium camping mug! 
    5. Easy to care for. When you’re done, give it a quick wash with some soapy water and a sponge and allow it to dry completely before storing it. 

    There is a reason we use titanium for the majority of our camping mugs and outdoor cookware here in our outdoor store – it’s the absolute best for long-term performance, weight and durability. Shop our full range of premium titanium camping cookware, with everything you need for cooking up a feast in the wild, or check out our best-selling outdoor equipment bundles to score a great deal.

  • A single-walled titanium mug is suitable for boiling water or cooking with. For the best results when cooking food in your titanium mug use a low flame that is evenly distributed over the cooking surface and don’t forget to keep stirring so that it doesn't stick. 

    Please keep in mind that double-walled camping mugs are NOT suitable for cooking in.

  • Yes! Our outdoor equipment is made to last a lifetime, offering industry-leading durability and utility at the lightest possible weight – and our camping mugs and drinkware is no exception. To learn more about our Lifetime Product Warranty*, please visit our All Good Guarantee information page.  

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