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Hammock camping is in our DNA here at Alton. Back in 2015 when we launched our outdoor store, our very first product was a camping hammock. Our business has grown a lot since then, but our obsession with hammock camping is still going strong. Today, Alton is one of Australia’s leading producers of camping hammock gear, trusted by experienced adventurers around the world.

Your hammock camping adventure starts here

Our award-winning design team has developed a complete hammock camping system; tree-friendly hammock straps that are super easy to use, a purpose-built hammock underquilt for year-round warmth and a hammock bug net to keep out any unwanted visitors. Pick and choose your hammock camping accessories to create your own custom setup or shop our best-selling hammock camping set with everything you need to get started.

Get the most out of your camping hammock

Hammocks are becoming a popular option among ultralight hikers, bikepackers and bushcrafters for a reason; ultralight, compact and super comfortable, a camping hammock can be a total game changer for your adventures –if you know how to set it up properly, that is. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Hammock Camping, where we share expert advice on how to get the most out of your new camping hammock.

Hammock Camping FAQs

  • It sure is! Sleeping in a hammock while camping is more than OK, it is GREAT. 

    Here are some of the reasons why we love hammock camping: 

    1. Comfort. With the right setup technique, a camping hammock can be exceptionally comfortable. 

    2. Lightweight. Camping hammocks can be ultralight and compact, making them a great choice for adventurers who want to go fast and light.

    3. Easy & Adaptable. Camping hammocks are easy to use and can be set up in a variety of locations, even on uneven or rocky terrain where tents may struggle. 

    4. Protective. A camping hammock can actually offer better protection from rain, wind and bugs than a tent in some cases (provided you have the right equipment to go with it). 

    5. Enjoyable. If you’ve ever been in a hammock, you’ll know they’re pretty great. A camping hammock lets you enjoy your time outdoors, as well as giving you a comfy place to sleep at the end of the day. 

    A high-quality camping hammock can serve as a comfortable, lightweight and packable shelter option for your overnight adventures. But remember, you will need to do a bit of research to make sure you are prepared for your first trip. Our blog is packed full of expert advice, how-to guides, and more that will all help you learn the ropes (pun intended) of hammock camping.

  • In our blog article, Pros & Cons of Hammock Camping, we cover all the advantages and disadvantages of hammock camping. 

    Here’s a quick recap of the disadvantages: 

    1. Campsite Limitations. While camping hammocks can give you a lot of freedom and flexibility about where you camp, there is no getting around the fact that you need anchor points to set up. 

    Our Advice: Research your intended campsites before you go or ask for recommendations on community forums such as Alton Goods VIPs

    2. Less Space. Because your camping hammock is essentially a suspended bed, there is less space for storing gear compared to a tent. 

    Our Recommendation: Bring along a carabiner or two to clip your pack to your ridgeline. 

    3. Cold Weather Considerations. Camping hammocks leave you open to greater heat-loss due to the flow of air around your body. You will need adequate insulation all around your hammock to counteract this. 

    Our Advice: This is an easy fix with the right gear and a bit of forward planning. We suggest using a hammock underquilt, as well as your top-quilt or sleeping bag. Some hammock campers use an insulated sleeping mat as well, if the conditions call for it. 

    4. New Sleeping Position. Everyone is different, so it may take some people more time to adapt to sleeping in a camping hammock.

    Our Advice: Our blog on hammock camping comfort tips will help you optimise your setup for comfort. Do yourself a favour and read it! 

    5. Less Privacy. Like we mentioned before, a hammock is a suspended bed – not a suspended bedroom

    Our Advice: You can use your ultralight tarp to create a privacy screen. Our hoochie is perfect for this – it’s the most compact, lightweight camping tarp in our collection. 

    Our final take on the disadvantages of hammock camping? Sure, a camping hammock isn’t going to be perfect for every adventure – because perfection doesn’t exist! Don’t let that stop you from giving it a go. And trust us, once you try it for yourself, you’ll see what the hype is all about.

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