The secret recipe for premium titanium camping cookware

Here at Alton, we pride ourselves on producing the best quality camping cookware on the market. Our award-winning design team works with the industry’s leading titanium manufacturers, implementing intense quality control and performance testing at every stage of development. The resulting range of titanium camping cookware delivers unrivalled durability and lifelong functionality. 

No excuses. No exceptions. Just 100% pure performance.

The hiking cookware you need to go further (and cook better)

Looking for ultralight, high-performance hiking cooking sets that don’t cut corners on quality? You’re in the right place. Every item in our outdoor store, from our best-selling flatpack twig stove to our ceramic-coated titanium camping frying pan to our bushcraft-inspired billy pot, is designed to outlast and outperform the competition. Engineered for unrivalled weight-to-strength ratios and campfire cooking functionality, our titanium camping cookware is built to fuel your adventures – for life.

Titanium camping cookware that puts quality & performance first

Our founder, Sam Schumann, launched Alton because he got sick of settling for hiking gear that didn’t tick all his boxes. So he decided to design it himself. Our outdoor store has grown a lot since then, but our commitment to excellence is as strong as ever, and so is our obsession with titanium camping cookware. Non-toxic, rust-resistant, ultralight and virtually indestructible, our premium titanium camping cookware has your back (and your belly) on every adventure.

Camping Cookware FAQs

  • The best cookware for camping is the cookware that meets your needs. So, if you’re like us and enjoy overnight hikes, then lightweight, durable camping cookware will be essential. 

    Titanium is considered the creme-dela-creme of camping cookware for a reason; it’s ultralight, ultra-durable, corrosion-resistant and non-toxic, ensuring that no harmful chemicals or funky tastes are leached into your food.

    Aluminium is a good alternative to titanium camping cookware. It is often slightly cheaper while still being lightweight and effective. However, aluminium cookware isn’t as durable, so it may need replacing more frequently. 

    Stainless Steel is a good all-rounder. It is tougher than aluminium and still relatively light, but it doesn’t conduct heat quite as well, so be careful that your food doesn’t burn. 

    Collapsible Silicone Cookware is pretty cool in theory and can save you some space in your pack, but they just aren’t as practical or durable as other camping cookware options. Plus, the silicone walls will be damaged if they come into direct contact with a flame, so watch out! 

    The truth is that only you can decide what’s best for you – BUT there is a reason we exclusively use titanium for our camping cutlery and cookware range!

  • Here’s our advice on what to look for in your camping cookware: 

    Lightweight & Compact

    Like all hiking equipment, you want your camping cookware to be lightweight and compact enough to carry. Look for an ultralight camp cookware set that nests together, saving vital space in your pack. 


    All outdoor equipment needs to balance ultralight performance with durability, and your camping cookware is no exception.


    Ask yourself what, how and where you’re going to be using your camping cookware to ensure it will meet your needs. For example, a billy pot is perfect for boiling water or making a stew over the campfire, while a non-stick titanium frying pan will be ideal for frying eggs or making pancakes. Want both? This nifty hiking cooking set is for you! 

    Size & Capacity

    Choose the size based on the number of people you're cooking for. Flying solo? You might opt to go for a small ultralight pot that doubles as a camping mug. Cooking for a group? Our rule of thumb is that you need approximately 600 ml of capacity per person (usually enough for a dehydrated meal and a little water to spare). So, for 2 people go for a billy pot with 1,200 ml capacity or more.  

    Features & Accessories

    Little features can make a big difference to your overall camp cooking experience. For example, if you’re cooking over a campfire, having long handles on your camping frying pan is super helpful, while a tight-fitting lid on your camping pot can improve overall efficiency.

    Fortunately for you, we’ve put a lot of thought and effort into designing ultralight, ultra-durable camping cookware that is made with long term functionality in mind. 

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  • Yes. Our philosophy at Alton is that good quality hiking gear should be for life. That’s why we back everything we make, including our premium titanium cookware, with our All Good Guarantee, a Lifetime Warranty* that covers your gear for as long as you own it. Forget the fancy watch – one day you’ll be passing the Alton outdoor equipment you invest in today on to the next generation of explorers.