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Hiking shirts to take you further than the rest

Equip yourself with a hiking shirt made for tackling tough terrain for days at a time. Made from premium bluesign® APPROVED ripstop nylon with 5% spandex for just the right amount of stretch, our hiking shirts combine advanced moisture wicking capabilities and quick-drying technology with UPF 50+ sun protection for reliable performance in all conditions. This is a hiking shirt built to endure against all odds.

The hiking shirt you’ve been searching for

Here at Alton, we believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between high-performance and low-impact – you should be able to have both. That’s why our best-selling hiking shirts are constructed from bluesign® APPROVED fabric. This internationally recognised certification that proves our hiking clothing achieves the highest quality, ethical and sustainable manufacturing standards in the industry. No compromises. No short-cuts. Just sustainable performance without compromise.

Hiking clothes built to withstand the extremes

Alton has built a reputation for producing camping gear Australia relies on for hard-hitting durability and no-frills functionality. Now we’ve taken the same approach and applied to producing our range of hiking shirts. Leveraging technical fabrics and meticulous anatomical patterning, every aspect of our hiking clothes are designed to enhance your performance in the wild, not restrict it. Why? Because you deserve the best.

Hiking Shirts FAQs

  • Well, as tempting as it is to say that our hiking shirt is the best, we will be real with you; there is no such thing as the ‘best’ shirt for hiking. 

    Why? Because what is going to be the best for you will depend on factors like the weather conditions, the intensity of your activities and your own personal preferences. 

    Here’s our advice on choosing the best hiking shirt for YOU: 

    Lightweight & Moisture-wicking
    Hiking is all about layering. You want to be able to add and remove layers to keep your body at a fairly consistent temperature throughout the day. For that reason, the best shirt for hiking will be made from lightweight, breathable fabric that wicks moisture away from your skin. 

    Quick Dry Technology
    Sweat is an inevitable part of hiking (at least, the kind of hiking we enjoy!). Quick-dry technology is important for a few reasons. It keeps you feeling comfortable and dry as you move, which also helps to prevent skin irritation from excessive moisture. It also ensures that you aren’t stuck in cold, damp clothing if the temperature drops. And when on multi-day hikes, you can easily wash your quick-dry hiking shirt at the end of the day and know it will be dry by the next morning!

    Sun Protection
    If you’re spending long days outside, it is essential that your hiking shirt has a high UPF rating to block harmful UV rays that can cause sunburns and long-term skin damage. Look for UPF 50+ rated clothing for optimal sun protection and remember to Slip, Slop, Slap! 

    We took all these factors and many more into consideration when developing our hiking shirts – check out the full range of outdoor apparel today and see for yourself why we are the top outdoor store Australia chooses for quality, durability and performance.

  • Hiking in hot weather can be challenging mentally and physically. In fact, your body has to work harder to regulate its temperature when in hot environments, which can put you at a greater risk of dehydration or even heat stroke if you’re not properly equipped. 

    Although it might not sound appealing, covering up with a loose, lightweight long-sleeve hiking shirt will actually help keep you cooler and protect your skin from sunburn. 

    We’ll spare you a full science lesson, but as your sweat spreads to the surface of the fabric, it cools your skin through a process called evaporative cooling. Additionally, the layer of clothing creates a small air gap between your skin and the hot air outside. This little barrier gives you a bit of extra insulation against the heat. 

    All in all, a good long-sleeve hiking shirt is a vital part of being prepared for hiking in hot weather.

  • Like all Alton hiking gear, our outdoor apparel is covered by our All Good Guarantee,  a Lifetime Warranty*. This is our promise to you that Alton equipment is built to the highest quality and performance standards. 

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