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Australia’s top-rated camping grill

Looking for Australia’s top-rated campfire grill? You’ve found it. Our Titanium Grill has the most 5-star ratings of any camping grill on the market. Why? Well, maybe it’s because we use 100% titanium, hand selected for purity and strength. Or because it’s certified non-toxic, so no nasty chemicals end up in your food. Or perhaps because it’s built to withstand up to 1,600ºC heat. Whatever the reason, one thing’s for certain: campfire cooking has never tasted so good.

Chef–quality campfire cooking performance is served

Our chef-quality campfire cooking camping grill will be your new go-to for everything from weekend campfire cook-ups to epic multi-day adventures in the backcountry. Available in two sizes and as a part of a complete campfire grill set, this ultralight and easy-to-use titanium camping grill is crafted for ultralight performance and lifelong durability. No frills, no fancy gadgets, just fit-for-purpose functionality. Bon appetit!

Campfire cooking has never tasted so good

Sick of always eating dehydrated meals on your hiking trips? We’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. Ultralight and ultra-durable, our titanium camping grill is designed to make delicious hiking meals easy. Fancy a burger? Shish kebabs? What about campfire nachos? Shop our camping cookware collection today to get a taste for why we’re the outdoor store Australia goes to for premium outdoor equipment.

Camping Grills FAQs

  • You can grill all kinds of food over a campfire! Start with the basics; grilled meat and vegetables, shish kebabs, burgers, tacos, etc. are all easy and super tasty to make with a camp grill. 

    But if you want to get fancy with your camping cooking, the world is your oyster (kilpatrick). 

    Use some aluminium foil to create a ‘foil packet’ to place on your camping grill and BOOM! You essentially have a mini oven to play with. For something savoury, why not try this foil packet campfire cooking method to make gnocchi, nachos or marinated fish? And when you’re ready for dessert, you whip up an apple crumble, fresh toast or baked chocolate bananas. 

    Is it just us, or is anyone else feeling hungry now?

  • The best cooking method for camping comes down to what, how and where you are camping out. 

    If you are camping in a location that allows campfires, then it is hard to beat the simple satisfaction of cooking up some fresh food over the hot coals. This is where a titanium campfire grill comes in handy. With grill hangers, you can create a platform to cook up all kinds of delicious meals. We’ve put together a blog on how to safely build and cook over a campfire, so be sure to check that out if you’re interested in trying this method. 

    If you’re a cooking method that is more portable, a flatpack twig stove can be a fun way to get the same effect without needing to set up a full campfire. It produces a hot, high-combustion flame using twigs, leaves and other organic material. This method is ideal for boiling water, grilling or frying, making stews and more. 

    Ultralight fuel stoves designed for hiking trips are another cooking method for camping. They are designed for boiling water to rehydrate freeze-dried meals and cooking simple dishes over while minimising weight and bulk in your pack. Because the heat is limited to a small area, you’ll need to watch your food closely as you cook to make sure it doesn’t burn or stick. However, with the right camping cookware in your kit and a bit of practice, you can use an ultralight fuel stove to cook a variety of delicious meals. 

    Remember, if you’re camping somewhere where campfires are restricted or outright prohibited, then you’ll need to make sure you have a suitable cooking method, such as a hiking fuel stove, instead.

  • We’ve earned a reputation as the outdoor store Australia relies on for ultralight, ultra-durable hiking gear at an affordable price. How? It comes down to our ‘quality first’ approach; we source the best quality materials with proven longevity and performance in harsh outdoor environments. And our second priority? Fit-for-purpose functionality – for life. Everything we make, including our premium titanium campfire grills, are backed our All Good Guarantee, a Lifetime Warranty* that covers your gear for as long as you own it. 

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