Camping Tarps

Camping shelters trusted by outdoor professionals

Our best-selling ultralight hiking tarps are meticulously crafted to deliver the perfect balance of durability, versatility and lightweight performance. Designed and tested in collaboration with experienced hikers, bushcrafters, backpackers, and adventurers across Australia and beyond, our camping tarps are constructed with high-quality materials and designed for versatility. With an Alton camping tarp in your pack, you can build the ultimate minimalist shelter, capable of handling anything the wild throws at it.

Ultralight hiking tarps built for adventure

With three sizes to choose from, our premium hiking tarps can meet the demands of any camping adventure. The classic 3m x 3m Ultralight Tarp provides unmatched versatility, while the rectangular 3m x 4m Camping Tarp provides enough coverage for group adventures. For solo trips, the 2.8m x 1.8m Hoochie Tarp ensures you are equipped with a protective shelter at the lowest possible weight.

Invest in a tarp camping shelter that’s built to last

We use industry-leading materials and manufacturing processes for our camping tarps to deliver performance you can count on, no matter what. Constructed from Ripstop Nylon dual-coated with Silicone and PU and fully-seam sealed, our tarps provide reliable waterproof protection and durability, resistant to damage from UV, abrasion and punctures. Plus, our camping tarps are backed by a Lifetime Warranty* so you know you’re investing in gear that is made to last a lifetime.

Tarp FAQs

  • Yes, camping tarps are 100% worth it! Here’s just a few of the reasons why we think that everyone should have a camping tarp in their kit:

    1. Camping tarps offer an impressive range of performance benefits: they're lightweight, compact, tough, and can be adapted to suit all kinds of situations. Whether you're hiking, backpacking, or just camping, they've got you covered - literally!
    2. Tarp camping is a great way to level up your outdoor skills, such as knot tying, weather reading and set up configuration. While these skills take a little effort, that is a part of the process – and the fun – and using a tarp for camping. If you want to become more confident and capable in the wild, then you can’t go past a camping tarp. 
    3. With a camping tarp in your pack, you're free to explore widely and sleep wild in a new way. If you like the idea of getting closer to nature and going further with less, then chances are that you’ll love tarp camping. 

    We’ve devoted an entire blog to the reasons why we love tarp camping, but, in a nutshell, camping tarps are totally worth it, whether you're a novice or a seasoned explorer.

  • Camping tarps vary in their waterproof capabilities depending on the materials and set up configuration. 

    Let’s start with materials. When choosing a camping tarp, look for one with a high waterproof rating, sealed seams, and proven performance in the rain. Many camping tarps claim that they are waterproof, but the level of protection and reliability will often come down to the quality of materials, construction and design. Here at Alton, our best-selling ultralight camping tarps are constructed from tough ripstop nylon dual-coated with silicone and PU and fully seam sealed, making them 100% waterproof and capable of withstanding prolonged exposure to rain – check out this Gear Test to see for yourself. 

    Next point to consider is set up configuration. Some configurations, such as a Low A-Frame or Tarp Tent shelter, are suited to inclement weather. However, a big part of ensuring that your camping tarp shelter is waterproof comes down to knowing where and how to properly set up your camping tarp. It is essential that you choose your location wisely and ensure that your tarp is set up securely. 

    If you are new to tarp camping, our Tarp Field Guide gives you step-by-step instructions for how to build 22 different shelters, all suited to different conditions and terrain. Covering knots, gear care and more, this nifty guide will help you get the most out of your tarp camping adventures.

  • How to deal with bugs is one of the most common questions we get asked about tarp camping. The answer is simple: use a bug net!  

    If you are going to be in environments where bugs might be a problem, then factor that into your tarp camping trip planning. We suggest using a bug net, such as our Ultralight Bug Net Tent, but any mosquito net for camping will do the job. One of the benefits of tarp camping is that you can adapt your setup to the conditions and take exactly what you need – and leave what you don’t.

  • Everything we make here at Alton is rigorously designed, tested and refined to find the perfect balance of functionality, durability and lightweight performance. Our camping tarps come with the essentials, including rugged Dyneema® Hardcord guylines, a 550 Paracord ridgeline and Ultralight 7001 Aluminium Pegs, equipping you with everything required to build a protective camping tarp shelter that can handle whatever conditions you’re facing. 

    We are committed to making industry-leading outdoor gear, which is why we created our All Good Guarantee, a Lifetime Warranty* against manufacturing defects. If something isn’t up to scratch, we’ll repair it or replace it for you. 

    Our camping tarps are available globally through our online store, with free standard shipping for all orders over $100 within Australia and $159 in the USA. Visit our Shipping & Delivery page for more information about shipping rates and estimated times in your location.