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Lightweight sleeping bags & camping quilts with an upgrade

We’ve spent years obsessively developing our lightweight hiking sleeping bags and camping quilts. We sourced industry-leading materials and innovative manufacturing processes. Repeatedly refined our designs. Tested our prototypes under extreme conditions. And the result? Sleeping gear that is changing the game for uncompromising adventurers just like you. Shop Alton’s entire range of top-quality hiking gear online today.

An innovative sleeping system to take you further

To perform our best in unpredictable conditions, we need sleep. It maintains energy levels and aids muscle recovery, improving strategic decision-making and cognitive performance. Our Ultralight Sleeping Bag is made for maximum insulation in extreme conditions, while our Ultralight Top Quilt gives you an unbeatable warmth-to-weight ratio. Pair that with our best-selling Insulated Sleeping Mat to create a sleeping system that lets you meet the demands of the wild like never before.

Hiking sleeping bags & camping quilts made for the outdoors

Alton’s best-selling light weight Hiking Sleeping Bags & Camping Quilts have been engineered for peak performance in extreme conditions. Combining water and wind-resistant ripstop nylon outers with RDS Certified 850 FP HyperDRY™ Down, Alton’s sleeping insulation systems give you exceptional protection against the elements. Offering optimal thermal efficiency, unparalleled moisture blocking and backed by a Lifetime Warranty*, this is a must-have on your next camping or hiking adventure.

Quilts FAQs

  • We can’t tell you what the ‘best’ sleeping bag for hiking is, but we can help you choose the best hiking sleeping bag for your needs. 

    Here’s what you need to know: 

    Temperature rating
    The temperature rating of a sleeping bag indicates the lowest temperature the bag can keep you comfortably warm in. For example, our -10ºC Ultralight Sleeping Bag has a lower limit temperature rating of -10º. This means that -10ºC is the lowest outside temperature that this bag can keep you warm at (provided that you’re using it with a sleeping mat with a suitable R-value rating for those conditions as well). 

    When choosing the temperature rating of your sleeping bag, it is important to consider the coldest temperatures you’ll be using it in, as well as your own sleeping habits. Some people are ‘cold sleepers’ causing them to feel the cold more easily, while others are ‘warm sleepers’ who are prone to overheating. If you are a cold sleeper, then you may find you are more comfortable with a sleeping bag that is rated 5 to 10º lower than the coldest temperatures you’ll be facing. 

    Fill material
    Down is lighter and warmer than synthetic insulation, but it loses its insulating ability when wet or compressed and requires more care. Synthetic bags are heavier, but they are often cheaper while still being effective. Synthetic sleeping bags can maintain warmth when exposed to moisture, but most down sleeping bags now have waterproofing treatments to mitigate this issue. 

    Here at Alton, we use HyperDRY™ Down. This RDS Certified down sets the industry benchmark for performance and sustainability; it is 30-40x more water resistant than untreated down, is 100% PFC chemical solvent free, utilises 25x less water than conventional down treatments and is shown to have significantly less environmental impact compared to synthetic alternatives. 

    Fill Power
    Fill power (FP) is a measure of the fluffiness or loft of down insulation. The FP number for sleeping bags usually ranges from 600 FP to 900 FP and represents the number of cubic inches that one ounce of down will occupy when fully lofted. That can all sound a bit technical, but all you need to remember is that higher fill power = more warmth at less weight.  

    A sleeping bag with a higher FP number will need less down to achieve a specific temperature rating than one using a lower fill-power down, which means it will be lighter and more compressible. Consider FP along with the total weight of down in the sleeping bag and the warmth rating when deciding what is the best hiking sleeping bag for your needs.

  • Absolutely! A quality camp quilt such as the Alton Ultralight Top Quilt offers an impressive warmth-to-weight ratio, versatility and comfort, making it an excellent choice for camping. Quilts give you insulation where it is most effective, on top and around you, while leaving it off where it is compressed (and ineffective) underneath you. Along with the lack of a zipper, this design feature contributes to camping quilts having excellent thermal efficiency without excess weight.

    Camping quilts can be used open or cinched up around you, allowing you to adjust your sleep setup to the conditions. This also makes it easy to regulate your temperature, contributing to overall sleep quality. And, because camping quilts cover the whole mat surface area, they are fantastic for side sleepers or anyone who likes to spread out and get comfy when sleeping wild.

  • There are some key differences between camping quilts and sleeping bags, but ultimately both serve the same function: keeping you warm in the wild.

    In a nutshell, sleeping bags have a zip, allowing full enclosure, and this draught-proof and full-coverage design provides maximum warmth – albeit at the cost of a little additional weight and bulk. Sleeping bags are a great choice if you like to feel tucked in and super cosy.

    In contrast, camping quilts are zipperless and backless, prioritising insulation where it is the most effective over the top of you, often using an attachment system to fit onto your mat, reducing potential heat loss from draughts. Quilts are lightweight and compact while still keeping you toasty. 

    We have an entire blog post devoted to the sleeping bag vs camping quilt debate; check it out for a detailed breakdown of the unique benefits of each design.

  • Here are our setup tips to get you started with our Ultralight Top Quilt:

    1. Unpack your quilt and remove the attachment straps. 
    2. Inflate your sleeping mat and lay your quilt over it. Take note of the attachment anchors on the quilt and where you will place the straps in the next step.
    3. Slide the attachment straps over your sleeping mat.
    4. Clip your quilt to the bottom attachment strap. 
    5. Get in and clip in your quilt to the upper two attachments, keeping the quilt in place over you all night. 
    6. Make further adjustments as needed. For maximum warmth, you can fasten the top collar of the quilt behind your neck and cinch it tight using the two toggles. Unclip one or both sides of the top attachment strap for more airflow. 

    Watch our video on how to use your Alton Ultralight Top Quilt to see this guide action!

  • All our products here at Alton are covered by a Lifetime Warranty* against manufacturing defects, our All Good Guarantee. This our commitment to you that your Alton gear will perform as it should for as long as you own it – if not, we’ll repair it or replace it for you. 

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