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The best hiking accessories let you focus on your adventure, not your gear. Like our supportive hiking socks, made from an advanced merino blend that keeps your feet blister-free all-day, everyday. Or our lightweight, quick-drying 5-panel cap that fits so perfectly that you forget you’re wearing it. At Alton, we obsess over every detail of our hiking accessories so you don’t have to.

The hiking equipment Australia relies on to go further

You need gear that you can count on for distraction-free performance and lifelong durability when you’re pushing your limits in the wild. That’s why all our camping gear, including our hiking socks and 5-panel cap, is crafted from premium materials and engineered to handle extreme conditions with ease. Whether you are trekking through the wilderness or bikepacking across continents, our hiking accessories will keep up, every step of the way.

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Alton is an Aussie outdoor store with a big passion for crafting high-quality hiking gear. Every aspect of our outdoor apparel accessories, from the reinforced heel of our hiking socks to the crushable brim of our 5-panel cap, has been strategically designed to enhance your adventures, not hinder them. Go further and sleep wild, knowing you're equipped with the best hiking gear Australia has on offer.

Accessories FAQs

  • We recommend using hiking socks for hiking. 

    Ok, ok, we know you probably want a little more detail than that. When choosing what kind of socks to use for hiking, you should look for good quality hiking socks made from moisture-wicking, quick-drying fibres. They should be snug-fitting, with compressive support around the arch and ankle, and ample cushioning on the heel and ball of the foot. 

    In our opinion, you can’t go past merino wool for hiking socks. Merino is naturally sweat wicking, odour-resistant and thermo-regulating, which means it keeps your feet more comfortable in both hot and cold weather and also helps prevent blisters. 

    We prefer a high-performance merino-synthetic fibre blend as this makes the socks more durable and speeds up drying time (because no one likes wearing soggy socks for multiple days in a row). We’ve developed the advanced fibre blend we use in our hiking socks for this exact reason. 

    The next thing to think about is the thickness of your hiking socks. We opt for midweight hiking socks because they offer the best balance of support, cushioning and warmth and can be used in a huge variety of conditions. 

    If you’re only doing short, low-intensity hikes in hot weather, then you can get by with lightweight hiking socks. For alpine treks or snow sports, you’ll need to invest in specialised hiking socks that are made for extremely cold conditions. 

    And what sock length is best? Well, we suggest hiking socks that are crew length, reaching your mid-calf. This length is the most practical and works with high-cut and low-cut hiking boots. If you’re hiking in shorts you can pull them up for a bit more protection from scrapes, cuts and insect bites, as well. 

    As you might have guessed, we’ve put a lot of thought into what makes great hiking socks. Our midweight merino socks are made to tick all the boxes of performance, comfort, durability and support. Get yourself a pair now and step up your game with the best hiking socks Australia has on offer.

  • Good hiking socks make a huge difference to your comfort and overall experience when out on the trail. 

    Regular socks just aren’t suited to long, hard days hiking over rough terrain. They are usually made from thin cotton or synthetic fibres that absorb moisture and provide minimal insulation. This, along with the lack of padding and support, can cause hot-spots and rubbing that eventually lead to blisters. All in all, regular socks (and your feet) will be completely worn out after just a few hikes. 

    Hiking socks are, well, made for hiking. They are usually crafted from merino wool blends or other fibres that have been specifically selected because they are naturally temperature regulating, breathable and moisture-wicking. This keeps your feet dry and comfortable, and prevents blisters from forming. 

    Plus, hiking socks are typically thicker and more cushioned, offering support in key areas like your heel and ball of your foot, absorbing impact and reducing friction. This also means they are more resistant to wear and tear and will last a whole lot longer than ‘normal’ socks. 

    If you’ve ever had the misfortune of getting a bad blister on a hike, you’ll know that having good hiking socks is really, really important. So, if you want our advice, don’t skimp on getting a good pair of hiking socks – we guarantee they’re worth it.

  • Our All Good Guarantee is a Lifetime Warranty* that covers all our hiking equipment for as long as you own it. In the unlikely instance your Alton equipment isn’t performing as it should, we’ll replace or repair it for you. 

    Shop online now and discover why we’re the outdoor store Australia goes to for high-quality hiking gear that is built to last.  

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