Camping Furniture

Camping furniture to make yourself at home in the wild

Meticulously engineered for optimal stability and life-long durability, our top-rated camping furniture range doesn’t take shortcuts on quality – or comfort. Whether you’re heading out for an epic adventure or a relaxed afternoon at the beach, you can rely on Alton’s camp furniture to deliver maximum performance at the minimum weight. Shop our best-selling hiking chairs, ultralight table and all our camping furniture online today, with free shipping over $100.

Go all in on comfort with Australia’s top-rated camping furniture

All Alton’s hiking gear, from our 5-star rated camping chairs to our titanium cookware and our ultralight camping tarps, are crafted from the best materials on the market and strategically designed for optimal performance in the wild. We might be an independently owned and operated Australian brand, but we’ve earned a rep as the outdoor store Australia goes to for high-performance camping furniture at a fair price.

Camp furniture you can rely on for performance, quality and durability

When you choose Alton camping furniture, you can be confident you’re investing in outdoor gear that will be by your side for a lifetime of adventure. Crafted from premium materials and tested in collaboration with experienced outdoor professionals across Australia, our camping furniture sets the benchmark for quality, performance and durability in our industry. We don’t settle for anything less than the best here at Alton. Neither should you.

Camping Furniture FAQs

  • What you should sit on when you’re camping will depend on your specific plans and preferences. Let us explain: 

    Here at Alton, we always take our lightweight camping chair and table for adventures where we’re not too worried about packing ultralight, like 4WD trips, short overnight hikes and weekend bikepacking trips. In these cases, the comfort we get out of our hiking chair and other camping furniture is well worth the little bit of weight in our pack.

    But what if you’re heading off on a more strenuous adventure, like a multi-day hike or huge pack-rafting mission? In this situation, we usually leave our hiking chair behind at basecamp. Instead, we will either use a sitting pad and a ground sheet to give us a clean, dry place to sit at the end of the day. Or, you can use a camping hammock – as well as being a place to sleep, it can double as a comfortable seat that works perfectly with our ultralight camping table. 

    As always, there is no such thing as the best camping chair – only the best camping chair for the specific adventure you’re going on.

  • Ok, truth be told, you probably don’t NEED a camping table. But does that mean you shouldn’t take a lightweight camping table with you when hiking? Absolutely not! 

    Like anything you take hiking, choosing whether you want to take a camping table along with you comes down to deciding what is important to you. Is your priority to be as ultralight as possible? Or would you prefer to pack a little extra weight if it means more comfort and convenience? It’s up to you. 

    In our experience, having a camping table is incredibly useful. You can use it for preparing and cooking meals, as well as keeping your food and other things off the ground and away from wildlife. So no, a camping table is not a ‘need’ – but we still take it on virtually every camping trip.

  • Yes. When you invest in Alton hiking gear, you’re investing in outdoor equipment that is made for life. That’s why all our camping furniture is covered by our All Good Guarantee. This Lifetime Warranty* covers your Alton gear for as long as you own it – we’ll repair or replace anything that does not live up to our meticulous manufacturing standards. Shop our best-selling hiking gear today and see why we’re among the top-rated outdoor stores Australia has on offer. 

    We offer free shipping for all orders over $100 AUD in Australia and $150 USD in the USA. For further information on shipping/handling, including international delivery, please visit our shipping information page.