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Alton Tarps Size Guide | Which Camping Tarp Size is Right for You?


18 October, 2023

Alton Tarps Size Guide | Which Camping Tarp Size is Right for You?

We have expanded our Ultralight Tarp range to include three different sizes: 3m x 3m, 3m x 4m, and 2.8m x 1.8m. So, how do each of these camping tarps compare, and which one is going to be the best for your needs? In this blog, we’ll take an in-depth look at our range of camping tarp sizes, comparing weight, coverage and the specific benefits of each. 

Camping tarps built to last a lifetime.

Before we break-down the differences between each of our camping tarps, let’s talk about something that they all have in common: they’re built to last a lifetime. We have sourced industry-leading materials that balance extreme durability with lightweight functionality to ensure that all of our camping tarps perform at the highest standard. 

High-Quality Materials

All of our camping tarps are made from premium Ripstop Nylon dual-coated with Silicone and PU. This material is highly durable, resistant to damage from UV, abrasion, punctures and ripping, while still being ultralight and compact. 

100% Waterproof

As well as using high-performing waterproof materials, our camping tarps are fully seam-sealed, ensuring that they can withstand prolonged exposure to heavy rain. We put the 3m x 3m camping tarp to the test to see how waterproof it really is – watch to see the result for yourself! 

Flat Cut Design

All Alton camping tarps have flat cuts with straight edges for maximum functionality and versatility. We’ve intentionally designed our camping tarps to be as adaptable as possible, giving users the control to adjust their setup depending on the conditions. 

Accessories Included

Every Alton camping tarp comes with everything you need to build a protective shelter in the wild: Dyneema® Hardcord guylines with micro line locks, Prusiks, a 550 Paracord ridgeline and ultralight aluminium pegs. 

Lifetime Warranty*

Just like every Alton product, our camping tarps are backed by our All Good Guarantee, a Lifetime Warranty* against manufacturing defects. We want you to be able to rely on your Alton gear to perform, even in tough conditions. If something isn’t functioning as it should, we will repair it or replace it for you. 

How do the Alton Tarp Sizes Compare

Alright, now that we know what our camping tarps have in common, it’s time to dive into their differences. 

3m x 3m Ultralight Tarp


Dimensions: 3m x 3m 

Maximum Coverage Area: 9m2

Weight (Tarp Only): 560g

Total Packed Weight: 782g

Tie-Out Points: 23

Packed Dimensions: 22 x 10 x 13 cm


Our OG camping tarp, the 3m x 3m Ultralight Tarp is designed for reliable performance across a wide range of conditions. The symmetry of square tarps makes them exceptionally versatile, with endless configurations that can be used depending on the terrain and weather conditions. For more complex configurations, such as a Tarp Tent, the 3m x 3m is a great choice because it is easy to centre and set up with consistent coverage on all sides. This ultralight tarp is big enough to provide shelter for a couple, but light enough to make it a popular choice for solo campers. 

Choose the 3m x 3m Ultralight Tarp if…

  • You plan on camping in a wide range of conditions.
  • You usually camp alone or with one other person.  
  • You think versatility, weight and durability are all crucial features of a shelter.  

3m x 4m Ultralight Tarp


Dimensions: 3m x 4m 

Maximum Coverage Area: 12m2

Weight (Tarp Only): 780g

Total Packed Weight: 990g

Tie-Out Points: 21

Packed Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 7 cm


The 3m x 4m Ultralight Tarp is a spacious and capable shelter option for various situations. Being a larger rectangular shape it provides extensive coverage, while still being highly versatile and adaptable in a range of conditions. This camping tarp is the ideal choice for group trips or situations where pack weight isn’t as much of a concern, such as 4WDing or canoe touring. That being said, at a total packed weight of 990g, the 3m x 4m Ultralight Tarp is still far lighter than most one-person tents, so there is nothing to stop you from using it for solo adventures. 

Choose the 3m x 4m Ultralight Tarp if…

  • You want a large shelter that can accommodate 2-4 people. 
  • You’d prefer extra coverage, even if it means carrying a little extra weight in your pack.
  • You tend to stick to simple setup configurations, but you still value versatility. 

2.8m x 1.8m Ultralight Hoochie Tarp


Dimensions: 2.8m x 1.8m 

Coverage Area: 5.04 m2

Weight (Tarp Only): 400g

Total Packed Weight: 590g

Tie-Out Points: 17

Packed Dimensions: 24 x 14 x 7 cm


With a total packed weight of only 590g, the 2.8m x 1.8m Ultralight Hoochie Tarp is the lightest and smallest of our entire camping tarp range. The Hoochie is best suited to solo adventures where weight and durability are a top priority, such as long-haul hiking, bikepacking or packrafting. It can be adapted and used in a variety of different conditions, but the smaller coverage area does mean that you’ll need to be more strategic about your setup configurations. But, for those times when you do need a little more space, our Ultralight Hoochie has snap buttons positioned along the edges so you can connect two or more tarps together to create custom shelter. 

Choose the 2.8m x 1.8m Ultralight Hoochie Tarp if

  • You are a committed solo-adventurer. 
  • You want a versatile, minimalist shelter that can handle tough conditions.  
  • You want lightweight performance and extreme durability in one package. 

Which camping tarp will you choose?

We’ve weighed up the options, and now it is over to you to decide which tarp is going to be the best. So, which one will you choose? 

The 3m x 3m Ultralight Tarp offers a good balance between weight and versatility, the rectangular 3m x 4m Tarp delivers more space without excessive bulk, and the 2.8m x 1.8m Hoochie Tarp is ideal for serious solo-adventures where every gram counts. 

Whichever option you go with, you can be confident that you are investing in a camping tarp that is built to last. We put 100% into everything we make here so that you can put 100% into everything you do out there. See you in the wild!

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