Camping Quilts

Australia’s top-rated camping quilt

Our mission at Alton is to create elite-level outdoor equipment that goes further than the rest. That’s driven us on a quest to develop the best camping quilt Australia has on offer, capable of delivering peak performance and uncompromising functionality in tough, technical terrain. And now, with more 5-star reviews than any other camping quilt on the market, we’re proud to say we’re onto a winner.

Customise your sleeping system with a hiking quilt

Side-sleeper? Toss and turn during the night? Prone to overheating? A hiking quilt might be exactly what you need to get the best night’s sleep in the wild. Our Ultralight Camping Quilts are designed to be adaptable to your preferred sleeping setup while still offering optimal insulation. Every adventure – and every adventurer – is different. It’s time to invest in creating your own customised sleeping system, tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Camping quilts made for sustainable performance

You shouldn’t have to choose from sustainability OR performance. You deserve both. That’s why all our hiking quilts are made with RDS-Certified 850FP Hyperdry™ Down, an innovative down waterproofing technology that sets an industry standard for sustainability and ethical production while being more effective than traditional treatments. Offering maximum thermal efficiency and unparalleled water-resistance, with an Alton Camping Quilt in your pack, you’re known you’re equipped with the best.

Camping Quilts FAQs

  • Yes. Backpacking quilts are 100% worth it. 

    Ok, ok, we might be a little bit biassed… but our customers aren’t. Here’s just a few of the thing they have to say about our camping quilts: 

    “I'm a Quilt Convert. I had my doubts but just one night's use of the Alton Quilt (-5ºC) and I'm hooked. So compact, but very warm and comfortable, and feels roomier than even my biggest sleeping bag. The clip system for my Alton Ultralight Mat works really well after a little practice, and the neck clip was secure all night. It is my first down quilt so I was sceptical about the water repellent properties, and concerned I'd wake up cold and soaked. Nope!” – Nick 

    “I have had no regrets switching from a restrictive mummy sleeping bag to this quilt. -5º is enough to cover my seasons in the outdoors and the extra room means heaps of space to stretch out while still trapping warmth, with or without the mat straps. Works incredibly well with the full hammock setup too.” – Julian 

    “I toss, turn and switch sides throughout the night so this is definitely a game changer for me and I don't see myself using a sleeping bag again any time soon.” – James

    “It packs small, works well, looks great, and gives me the best sleep I've had outdoors.” – Dan

    “Stuffs really easily into the compression sack, no mucking around with folding and rolling to squeeze it back in. Packs down to a really small size. Also love the storage bag it comes with! Way easier to store the down properly while still being protected from dust and damage.” – Sarah

    You get the idea. Not only is a camping quilt effective, comfortable and ultralight, but they are often more affordably priced than a sleeping bag with the same warmth rating. Tempted? Shop our full range of best-selling camping gear today – you won’t regret it.

  • We try not to play favourites, but we can’t deny that we have a soft-spot for our Camping Quilt (don’t tell our Sleeping Bag). They’re both great, but once you’ve tried a camping quilt, it’s hard to go back to a sleeping bag. 

    If you’re in the market for a hikers backpacking blanket, here’s a few of the reasons why you might use a quilt instead of a sleeping bag: 

    Impressive Warmth-to-Weight Ratio

    Camping quilts offer an impressive warmth-to-weight ratio, meaning they are typically lighter than sleeping bags while still offering a comparable amount of insulation. This makes a hiking quilt the perfect choice for ultralight backpacking or long-haul adventures where saving weight and space is a priority. 

    Highly Versatile

    Another benefit of hiking quilts is that they give you the flexibility to adapt your sleeping set up based on how, when and where you’re camping. For example, hiking quilts are ideal for hammock camping, but they also work just as well when used with a standard tent or swag setup. 

    Plenty of Space to Spread Out 

    Camping quilts are ideal for side sleepers or anyone who prefers to have a bit more space to spread out. This is one of the main reasons we hear when our customers tell us they are ‘Quilt Converts’ – they just can’t believe how much better they sleep when they’re able to lay in a more comfortable position. 

    That said, although we love using our camping quilt, there is no doubt that sleeping bags still have the upper hand in certain situations, especially in winter conditions or for people who are prone to feeling the cold. 

    Still undecided? Check out our blog post on the camping quilt vs sleeping bag debate to get the full lowdown on the pros and cons of both options.

  • There is a common myth that camping quilts are not as warm as sleeping bags, but it is just that – a myth! 

    Camping quilts are designed to offer comparable warmth to a sleeping bag, minus all the extra weight and bulk that comes from excess fabric and hardware. That said, because camping quilts don’t zip up all the way around you, it is extra important to ensure that your entire sleeping system is optimised to suit the conditions you’re sleeping in. 

    Here’s our advice to stay warm and cosy in your camping quilt, no matter how cold it is outside: 

    Be prepared for the conditions
    So, you’re planning a camping trip? Nice! First things first – do your research. Check what the lowest temperatures drop to overnight, and pack a sleeping system that offers enough insulation for the coldest possible conditions you might experience. Hint: start by learning what R-Value will be required

    Create a custom sleeping system
    Your sleeping system is called a ‘system’ for a reason - it all works together to provide the warm, cushioning and support you need to sleep well out in the wild. To achieve this, you must optimise your entire system. Your camping quilt, hiking sleeping mat, shelter and extra layers such as clothing or sleeping bag liners all have a part to play in keeping you warm. 

    Know your preferences
    Are you a cold sleeper or a hot sleeper? How warm or cold you feel at night can vary depending on things like body composition, metabolism and even hormones. It is important to know your own sleeping preferences and to accommodate for that. For example, if you sleep cold, you will need a camping quilt with a higher temperature rating than someone who runs hot. Always keep that in mind when you’re choosing your hiking quilt or sleeping bag. 

    To wrap up, yes, camping quilts keep you warm. But, just like any sleep system for camping, you need to do your research to ensure you’re equipped with outdoor equipment that is suited to the conditions and your personal preferences.

  • We are committed to producing outdoor equipment of the highest quality, designed to meet the demands of extreme conditions. That’s why all our hiking gear, including our camping quilts, is covered by the All Good Guarantee, a Lifetime Warranty* that protects your gear for as long as you own it. If something doesn’t live up to our meticulous manufacturing standards, we’ll repair or replace it for you. 

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