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4mm 550 Paracord (7 Strand Core)
Midnight Black
Waterproof Field Guide - Tarp
2mm Dyneema® Hardcord (Reflective)
Midnight Black

The adventure so far ...

January 2015 - Guy Fawkes National Park


  • An 8 day through hike in tough 35+ degree conditions
  • Experimental lightweight tarp shelter proves futile with heavy rainfall at night

March 2015 - The Idea is Born 


  • The 'Kerouac' hammock is born
  • A result of bad experiences with tents, tarps, swags and hoochies
  • Inspired by a need to travel lighter and further

September 2016 - Phillipines Surf Trip


  • Surf safari in the Phillipines
  • The 'Kerouac' hammock finds a natural home at the beach

February 2017 - Wilsons Promontory 


  • Micro-adventure at Wilsons Promontory in Victoria 
  • The 'Kerouac' hammock performs well despite cooler conditions

December 2017 - Canguu 


  • Only a couple days with decent surf 
  • Lucky the 'Kerouac' hammock was small enough to chuck into the suitcase for the off days
  • The 'Alter Your Altitude' tee gets its first test run

January 2018 - New Zealand Alpine 


  • Dropped in via chopper for 9 epic days of mountaineering 
  • Weight is limited but at only 550g the 'Kerouac' hammock finds its way into the pack 

    July 2018 - I'm Quitting My Day Job 


    • The desire to pursue my passion becomes to much
    • A dream becomes a reality and I start working on Alton Goods full time

    September 2018 - Royal National Park 


    • @LouisRaymo shows me his secret spots near Wattamolla Beach
    • We test new products including Rain Tarp and Titanium Cup