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Ultralight Underquilt

Temperature Rating (Lower Limit)

    The Ultralight Underquilt combines market-leading materials and minimalist design in an efficient hammock insulation system.

    Relentless testing and the thoughtful selection of durable yet lightweight and compact insulation materials ensure this ultralight underquilt is capable of providing effective weather protection in cold and unforgiving conditions.

    Featuring Water Resistant 850FP HyperDRY™ RDS Goose Down Filling, a Windproof Ripstop Nylon Shell With Durable Water Repellent Coating, and a Differential Cut Baffle Design with Warmth Sealing Draft Collars, this rugged and reliable ultralight underquilt boasts an impressive warmth-to-weight ratio and comes equipped with a Lifetime Warranty.

    All underquilt orders come with a FREE Alton Goods Down Storage Sack valued at $19.