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We have a lot to catch up on!

06 December, 2018

We have a lot to catch up on!

This has been our biggest few weeks yet and things don't appear to be slowing down. 

Here's what we've been up to...

New Product 

After 12 months of product development and countless testing expeditions, we are super excited to release our new Titanium Mugs! They are strong, simple, ultra-light and incredibly well insulated due to their double-wall design. Find out more here. 


How you can help: Do you know someone who might be interested in our new Titanium Mugs? Let them know about the Special Offer below.

Hammock Colour Restock 

After a busy few months, our hammock inventory levels had dropped to a critical level. With a backlog of pre-orders for sold-out colours, we were pleased to receive a much needed restock last week! 
How you can help:  Do you know someone who has been waiting on one of our hammock colours to come back in stock? Be sure to let them know.

Customer Reviews

With the number of sales slowly rising over the last couple of months it has been exciting to see some feedback come through from our customers.


How you can help: Have you purchased any products from us? Remember to come back and leave feedback.  

New Hammock Colours 

Along with our restock, we also introduced two new colours to our hammock range. Mulga Green and Deepwater Blue. They have exceeded our expectations with both colours having almost sold out. We have already placed a new order with our manufacturer.
How you can help: Did one of these new colours catch your eye? Grab one while stocks last. 

Special Offer

To thank our existing customers for their support, we sent them a Special Offer as part of our Titanium Mug launch. To  stand out from the noise of online advertising, we thought we'd mix things up a little and send this offer via traditional snail mail. 
To celebrate the release of the Titanium Mug we have decided to open this offer up to you as well.
Purchase a Titanium Mug before 25 December 2018 and receive a FREE travel lid. Use the code 'FREELID' at checkout.
How you can help: Are you in the market for a sturdy camping mug? Are you struggling for Christmas gift ideas? Take advantage of this Special offer

Thanks for stopping by to catch up on the latest. We always look forward to sending out these updates, especially when we hear back from you. If you have any questions or just want to say G'day please don't be shy. Hit that reply button.

Talk soon.


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