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The Nanopore™ Story


26 October, 2023

The Nanopore™ Story

Introducing Nanopore™, the future of hydrophobic fabric technology 

The next-generation in textile engineering technology, Nanopore™ achieves previously impossible levels of comfort, breathability and waterproof protection without the use of toxic chemical solvents. 

What is Nanopore™? 

Nanopore™ is created through a process called nanospinning, a cutting-edge textile engineering technology. This innovative technology is a ‘dry process’, meaning that no water and no chemical solvents are required. 

The Nanopore™ membrane is made with polypropylene polymers that are extruded at different temperatures into a three-dimensional web of criss-crossed fibres, forming a nanoporous hydrophobic membrane that is air-permeable. These nanoscopic pores allow air and vapour to permeate the membrane whilst blocking water molecules from passing through, creating a highly waterproof shell with advanced breathability. 

The scientific breakthrough behind the Nanopore™ technology eliminates the need for DWR coatings altogether and requires fewer resources to produce. Not only is Nanopore™ more sustainable and environmentally responsible, but it also outperforms the traditional breathable-waterproof technology across all metrics. 

How is Nanopore™ different from other waterproof materials? 

Until now, breathable-waterproofing fabric was achieved by coating a synthetic membrane with chemical solvents. These solvents, also called Durable Water Repellent (DWR), bond to the shell fabric and cause water droplets to bead and roll off the surface of the material. 

This waterproofing method relies on chemical solvents and synthetic fibres that are highly toxic and non-biodegradable. These harmful chemicals accumulate in soil, water and living organisms at all levels of the ecosystem and linger for decades, if not centuries, before they break down. It is not just the production of these chemicals that is hazardous: when exposed to water, the materials shed trace amounts of toxic chemicals and microplastics into the environment. This means that the outdoor apparel and equipment that we have relied on to keep us dry in the wild is damaging the places that we love so much. 

It’s time to make a change. 

Why is Nanopore™ revolutionary? 

Nanopore™ is revolutionary because it makes it possible to have a waterproof protection that is better than ever, without compromising on sustainability. 

Nanopore™ effectiveness stems from the unique nanoporous structure of the membrane itself. Inherently breathable yet waterproof, the Nanopore™ membrane is able to achieve advanced levels of air-permeability and waterproofness, without the use of chemical solvents. For this reason, Nanopore™ also eliminates the need for DWR coatings and never needs to be reproofed. 

For the same reason, Nanopore™ technology is more environmentally friendly at every life-cycle of the product. As well as being a ‘dry process’ without the need for water or chemical solvents, the polypropylene polymers used to make Nanopore™ have a lower carbon footprint than many alternative materials. This means the Nanopore™ membrane requires less resources to produce, is non-toxic and easier to break-down or recycle at the end of the product lifespan. 

Nanopore™ is more effective, long-lasting and versatile than ever thought possible, but it is also significantly better for the environment. 

What will Nanopore™ be used for? 

At 4 gsm, approximately 37x thinner than human skin, the Nanopore™ membrane is easily integrated into other high-performance fabrics to create a composite material with enhanced properties. Unlike the stiff, inflexible DWR-treated fabrics of the past, Nanopore™ makes it possible to engineer breathable-waterproof apparel and equipment that is more flexible, comfortable and durable than ever before. 

Breathable-waterproof protection, perfected.

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