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07 November, 2023

The Green Beacon x Alton Story

A shared commitment to quality worth savouring

Where did the Green Beacon Brewing Co. x Alton journey begin? 

This is a collaboration that has been brewing since the very beginning of Alton’s journey. 

It all started way back when Alton’s founder, Sam Schumann, was still running the business out of his garage in suburban Brisbane. One day, a local customer dropped by to pick up an order and stayed for a chat. He told Sam all about Green Beacon, a boutique brewery started by two mates from a nearby Brisbane neighbourhood who were making waves in the Australian craft beer scene. Sipping on one of their refreshing ales at a local footy game, Sam thought to himself, “imagine if Alton got big enough to do a collaboration with them one day.”

Eight years passed in a blink of an eye as Alton grew, building up to where it is today as one of Australia’s best independent outdoor brands. Over that time, Green Beacon established itself as Brisbane’s most highly awarded brewery to date. So, when Alton and Green Beacon’s paths happened to cross again, it felt like fate. What had been a ‘crazy idea’ at the time didn’t seem so far-fetched anymore. 

The collaboration between Alton and Green Beacon brings together a shared commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and a thirst for adventure. We’ve poured that ethos into creating a limited edition beer that puts flavour, balance and reliability at the forefront. 

What does this collaboration represent?

Alton and Green Beacon’s collaboration serves as a reminder to appreciate how far you have come. It is all too easy to get caught up in the endless treadmill of modern life. With all those distractions and deadlines, we forget to step back and see the bigger picture. This special limited edition beer is your reminder to slow down, appreciate the journey and celebrate how far you have already come. 

Limited edition Eastern Trail Ale

Brewed for the everyday adventurer, the Eastern Trail Ale delivers crisp tropical flavours with low-bitterness and an irresistibly smooth finish. 

The Alton x Green Beacon Ethos

We think life’s simple pleasures are worth savouring from the first sip to the final drop. Whether you are pushing your limits in the wild or wrapping up a big project at work, take a moment to slow down and savour it. The most memorable adventures aren’t always the ones we expect – it’s when we take the long way (and get a little lost from time to time) that life reveals its full flavour.

Getting outside in nature is one of life’s simple pleasures. Away from the distractions of modern life, you realise what you are really capable of. You remember that you have freedom to go further, do more and be who you want to be. It gives you the perspective to see how far you’ve come, and the excitement of knowing that there is still so much to experience. It shows you that you can do anything you put your mind to. It’s a chance to slow down and focus on what matters, whether that is taking time for yourself or sharing good times with friends. 

So, this collaboration is for you, our fellow adventurers who show up and give it their all. It’s your turn to take a well-earned pause to reflect on everything you’ve accomplished. Go on, you’ve earned it.

Grab yourself a pack or carton of our limited edition Eastern Trail Ale now!