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Camping Coffee Guide

21 March, 2019

Camping Coffee Guide

Coffee makers, mugs and beans ... Everything you need to know for your next camping trip.  

Coffee Makers


The AeroPress is probably the most popular option among campers looking for a lightweight, easy to use piece of equipment that produces great tasting coffee. It works similarly to a traditional pour-over, but it produces coffee with a little more body, courtesy of the press.

*Tip - when using an AeroPress, consider using the inverted method.  

Minipresso NS

For those campers that can't get enough of their Nespresso Pods. The Wacaco Minipresso NS allows you to enjoy your Nespresso Pods on the go. Designed for adventurers looking to save on space and weight, the Minipresso NS is one of the lightest and most versatile hand held espresso devices available. This is fast becoming my go-to option. It is so small that I just leave it in my daypack.

* If you enjoy your Nespresso Pods, always remember to consider the planet and recycle them properly

Moka Pot 

Slightly bulkier than most options but built to last, the Moka Pot has been around for a long time. The sturdy design means that you can place your Moka Pot directly on hot coals for your heat source. Many brands have been inspired by the traditional design (pictured) to come up with lighter and more compact designs suitable for camping. Check out the Esbit Coffee Maker and the GSI Mini Espresso Maker.

* Tip: You can often pick these up quite cheaply from your local op-shop. 

Coffee Mugs

Titanium Double-Wall

One of the lightest and sturdiest camping mug styles available. The insulated double-wall design keeps coffee hot for longer. Titanium does not conduct heat which means your hands and lips will not burn, no matter how hot your coffee is. Therefore the mug has been able to be constructed without handles, making for easier packing. Check out the Alton Goods 450ml Titanium Double-Wall Mug (it comes with a lifetime guarantee).


An iconic design synonymous with the outdoors and camping. Not only do they look cool but they are also lightweight and durable.

*Tip - be careful with boiling water. These mugs are only single-walled and can get quite hot in your hands when filled with hot drinks.


Designed for the ultra-light hiker, collapsible mugs are becoming increasingly popular across many forms of camping. They are incredibly light and can be folded flat which means they take up close to no room in your pack. 

*Tip - be careful with boiling water. These mugs are made from silicone and can get quite hot in your hands when filled with hot drinks.


Coffee Beans


For those campers who like their coffee freshly ground, portable coffee grinders are a great option. They don't require a source of power and they arguably make a better tasting coffee.

*Tip - choose a grinder made of plastic as the glass grinders can easily break when stuffed into a heavy pack. 

No Grinder

This is my preference because it is easier and lighter. I normally grab a packet of pre-ground coffee from my local supermarket. There are several options available but I have found the Vittoria range to be a good balance between taste and cost. 

* Tip - if you go for Vittoria, wait until it is on special and buy in bulk. 

Plan B

I have to admit that on more than one occasion, I have left a crucial piece of my coffee brewing setup at home by accident. Unable to function without coffee, I have used these experiences as an opportunity to come up with a makeshift coffee solution. Check out my recent Hump Day Hack where I step through how to make coffee with minimal equipment.



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