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14 Outdoor Valentines Day Ideas That Will Break Boundaries But Not The Bank

#1 Book a table on the back of your ute

Park on a hill with a nice view, grab a few pillows, jump in the tray and crack open the bubbles. Booking a last-minute table with the perfect view has never been so easy. (photo via

#2 Go skinny dipping together after dark

Ditch the speedos and go for an invigorating evening dip at your favourite secluded waterhole or beach. The perfect balance of risk and romance.

#3 Hang out in a hammock together

Nothing brings you closer together than some hammock time. Grab a hammock with enough room for two and kick back. The 'Kerouac' by Alton Goods has a 180kg capacity and enough room for any cosy couple. (photo via @rafwtr)


#4 Have a secluded picnic

Nothing says romance quite like a picnic. Pack the wine, cheese and chocolates and find the perfect hidden nook in your local national park. (photo via @salty.aura)

#5 Go stargazing

Let the world wait while you lay outside and admire the stars. Bring cosy blankets, lie on the grass, and appreciate the time together(photo via

#6 Cook for your partner on an open fire 

Cooking for your significant other is a sure way to impress. Turn it up a notch on Valentines Day and show off your skills by cooking on an open fire. (photo via @alton_goods)

#7 Go for a bike ride

See the outdoors, share a laugh and get some exercise at the same time. (photo via

#8 Go floating

Get pool floaties, or any kind of floatation device, and float around in a lake or down a river. It’s fun, relaxing and perfect for the warmer weather. (photo via @monstasurf)

#9 Watch a sunrise or sunset together

Find a special spot with a view and take a few moments to watch the day begin or end. (photo via @cressida_965)

#10 Go for a bushwalk

Open your world to the sights and sounds of nature. Going for a hike is a great way to unwind together and get away from the distractions of everyday life. (photo via @louisraymo)

#11 Go Camping, ‘Glamping’ or ‘Vanping’

Whether you’re in a tent, hammock or a not so rustic camper-van, braving the great outdoors with that special someone will make for a memorable Valentines Day adventure. Escape the monotony of daily life, cuddle-up and re-ignite your senses. (photo via @mitchbishopstills)

#12 Plan a day at the beach

Lay down the towels, put up the umbrella and turn up the relaxation. Tip: bring an esky with a few cold drinks to cool down in the afternoon. (photo via blair_samuel)


#13 Toast marshmallows on a fire

Trade up the idiot box for a bush TV and treat yourselves to some freshly toasted marshmallows. (photo via @brandoneckroth)

#14 Go canoeing

The perfect date for an active couple. Rent a two person canoe and go exploring in your local river or creek. Enjoy the solitude and take some time to relax. (photo via @scottysgonewalkabouts)