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The Best Camping Hammock in Australia

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22 March, 2023

The Best Camping Hammock in Australia

When it comes to strength, comfort, durability and versatility, there’s no competing with the Alton Ultralight Hammock. This exceptional piece of equipment is a cut above the rest – and not just because we designed it. From its rugged, tear-resistant materials to its impressive 300kg holding capacity, we’ll explore how this camping hammock measures up against competitors and how it will have you rethinking your setup.

Here’s what you need for hammock camping in Australia.

It goes without saying that preparation is essential for a successful camping trip. Before you leave, make sure you check the weather conditions, review the landscape (you’ll need at least two tree trunks) and research the creepy crawlies in the area that you’re headed. These factors may mean the difference between packing a tarp or a bug net – or both – and the overall weight of your pack. Right off the bat, the Ultralight Hammock is part of a modular system that includes a compatible bug-net and tarp.

What to look for in a camping hammock.

First and foremost, when you’re outdoor hammock camping in Australia, you want to be sure the equipment you’ve packed is comfortable enough to sleep in, no matter the conditions. You’re also looking for reliable strength, weather resistance and versatility to suspend your sleeping setup in various situations and settings. Finally, you want your camping hammock to be light and compact, so that you aren’t lugging a heavy pack around the rugged Australian landscape.

The Alton Ultralight Hammock is a compact sleep-system that offers the reliable strength, flexibility and comfort you’re looking for, which is why we’ve crowned it the best camping hammock in Australia.

1. Comfort

Where other designs use standard nylon, quad-grid or crosshatch ripstop, our Ultralight Hammock goes further. This impressive design is made with a soft, yet breathable, hexagonal-grid ripstop nylon, a market-leading material featuring a reinforced heavy-duty weave that’s resistant to tearing. Avoid stuffy sleeping setups that scrunch or sag in all the wrong places and upgrade your kit with this soft-feel, quick-drying design, ready to meet tough conditions with reliable performance and comfort.

Better yet, complete your suspended sleep system with our clip-on nylon Ultralight Hammock Bug Net. Rather than adding extra bulk to your pack when not required, this modular piece of kit is separate to the camping hammock and designed to complement it - protecting you from insects, only in situations where required.

2. Durability

The best camping hammocks are built to withstand extreme conditions, something we’re familiar with here in Australia. Strong and sturdy, the Ultralight Hammock weighs only 340g with a 300kg holding capacity – a strength-to-weight ratio our competitors could only dream of. Even more impressive, this camping hammock is tough enough to pull a 2.8-tonne 4WD without so much as fraying (Curious? Check out the Alton Ultralight Hammock Strength Test). And it’s all thanks to a combination of exceptional materials like Hexagonal-grid ripstop nylon (designed to distribute tension evenly across the hammock) and design details, like triple-stitched rolled side hems and quad-stitched suspension channels.

In addition, we’ve used custom loops, built from the world’s strongest fibre, UHMWPE to secure our carabiners to the hammock, whilst other brands use regular rope which is notoriously difficult to tie and untie when weight is applied. It is also normally made from weaker materials like polyester.

Not even torrential rain will dampen this sleeping setup, because it all comes housed in a waterproof carry bag, keeping your kit high and dry.

3. Versatility

Camping hammocks aren’t just for warm weather. When rainy hikes and cool nights call, the Ultralight Hammock is rugged and ready, featuring Ultralight Tarp, Underquilt and Top Quilt compatibility to suit your surroundings. It’s also designed to help you immerse in your environment, in a neutral green suitable for bushcraft and military purposes. Then, when you’re ready to pack up and move on, it all tucks back into its convenient double-ended stuff sack for a speedy getaway. Sleep wild, discreetly disguised, and leave no trace on the trees or the ground behind you.

High capacity in a compact kit.

There’s no question. Whether you’re an ultralight camper or simply looking to push your kit further using less, the Alton Ultralight Hammock ticks all of the boxes, reducing the bulk of your pack without sacrificing comfort, durability or versatility.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Choose an Ultralight Hammock that’s designed to outperform its competition and built to last.

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