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The Advantages of Hammock Camping

27 February, 2019

The Advantages of Hammock Camping

Introducing Alton Goods – An Australian Owned and Operated Producer of High-Quality Outdoor Equipment.

If you’ve ever spent a night sleeping in the outdoors you would probably be familiar with the concept of a tent. For decades, tents have opened our world to the outdoors and allowed us to spend extended periods in remote and inaccessible locations. The history of camping has been inextricably linked with the use of tents and continues to be to this day. But recently, things have begun to change, as an alternative camping system has started to emerge: the hammock. Not your typical poolside macramé hammock with wooden spreaders, but rather, an ultra-light, easily packable, durable parachute nylon hammock with specially designed accessories such as tarps and bug nets.

These types of hammocks have been common in Central and South America for some years but have recently rocketed in global popularity. In North America they have become a mainstay for ultra-light campers, and based on recent trends in Australia, it is likely that we are headed in the same direction.

The team at Alton Goods jumped onboard the hammock revolution back in 2015 and have since become one of the go-to hammock camping brands in Australia. Rising to popularity with the bushcraft community for their remarkably high-quality products and minimalist designs, Alton Goods boasts a unique a range of ultra-light camping gear. Their signature Kerouac Hammock has become a top-selling product, as the trend towards ultra-light camping systems begins to emerge in Australia.

So why use a Hammock? We put this question to the team at Alton Goods.

“Whilst we still opt for the tent in certain situations, the hammock is a great option to have in your kit, as it offers a number of distinct advantages:

1. Lightweight & Space Saving:

A hammock camping system is ultra-light. The Alton Goods Kerouac Hammock weighs only 470 grams. In addition, you only need to take with you the components required for your expedition. For example, the Rain Tarp or Bug Net can be left at home if the conditions permit. The sleeping mat and pillow can also be left behind because you are literally sleeping on air … not the hard ground.

2. Easy to Set up:

There’s no battling with tent poles and pegs. Our Kerouac Hammock can be set up in less than two minutes.

3. More Versatile:

A hammock can be set up pretty much anywhere. You can tie your hammock up between trees, on top of rocks, beneath piers, across a creek, on a hill, next to a waterfall, or you can even string it up between two cars. 

4. More Open:

Sleeping in a hammock offers a unique outdoors experience. It doesn’t get much more relaxing then falling asleep in the breeze while looking up at the stars. And if rain is forecast, or you want to sleep in past sunrise – just put a Rain Tarp up over your hammock.    

5. Great Value:

Our number one priority is to produce equipment of the highest possible quality. Whilst we also place emphasis on other important business practices, it is our belief that success in this industry starts and ends with the production of superior quality goods. Our hammocks are crafted from incredibly durable parachute nylon, which has triple stitching on all edges and re-enforced stress points. We have also opted to attach our ultra-light 12kN aluminium carabiners to the hammock with high tensile, fixed webbing loops, rather than rope. Our superior construction is as rugged as many high-quality tents on the market.


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