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Porlex Mini Coffee Grinder II
Porlex Mini Coffee Grinder II
Porlex Mini Coffee Grinder II
Porlex Mini Coffee Grinder II
Porlex Mini Coffee Grinder II
Porlex Mini Coffee Grinder II

Porlex Mini Coffee Grinder II

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Take freshly ground coffee with you anywhere with The Porlex Mini Coffee Grinder. Powerful, lightweight, small, and manually powered, it’s an excellent travel companion that doesn’t limit you to outlets or batteries.

The grinder’s ceramic conical burrs are designed to remain sharp for many years and cannot rust. They produce consistently uniform grounds that are suitable for french press, espresso, and everything in between. Beneath the burrs is the grind adjustment knob, offering 12+ grind settings for easy adjustments.

Basic Grind Setting Guide:

  • Extra Fine (Turkish) = 1 – 2 clicks
  • Fine (Espresso) = 3 – 4
  • Medium-Fine (Fine-Medium?) = 5 – 6
  • Medium (Filter) = 7 – 8
  • Medium-Coarse = 9 – 10
  • Coarse (French Press) = 11 – 12

The Porlex Mini Coffee Grinder’s body is shorter than its tall cousin, holding 20g of coffee beans and allowing it to fit snuggly inside an Aeropress. Built with stainless steel, it’s extremely durable without weighing you down and eliminates static after grinding.

Take it with you across the world or down the street. Either way, it’ll grind your coffee with ease and consistency.


  • Travel Grinding – Enables you to take freshly ground coffee anywhere in the world.
  • Ceramic Burrs – Designed to remain sharp for years and never rust
  • Light, Small, and Durable – Built with durable stainless steel, small enough to fit inside an Aeropress, and light enough for any journey.
  • Easy Grind Setting Adjustments – Stepped grind adjustment knob allows you to easily switch back and forth between grind settings.
  • French Press to Espresso – Can grind coffee for any brewer with 12+ settings.
  • Static Free – Doesn’t allow grounds to stubbornly stay attached.
  • Silicone Grip – Makes for comfortable and quick grinding.


  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Ceramic, BPA-Free Plastic
  • Dimensions: 47mm Diameter x 130mm Tall
  • Hopper Capacity: 20g
  • Burrs: Ceramic Conical