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4mm 550 Paracord (7 Strand Core)
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Cordura® Gear Pouch - Mini
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Continuous Product Evolution

At Alton Goods our number one priority is to produce equipment of the highest possible quality. Whilst we place emphasis on a number of other important business practices, it is our belief that success in this industry starts and ends with the production of superior quality goods. We believe that the longer our products last, the happier our customers will be and the less impact we will have on our environment.

Producing equipment of the highest possible quality requires persistent research and development, thoughtful design and access to a broad network of suppliers. We have been able to achieve this by recruiting a clever, passionate and diverse team along with maintaining strong relationships and regular contact with prominent outdoors people who are thought leaders in their fields. Although this sets us apart from many other brands, we don't believe it makes us unique. Our philosophy goes a step further. 
To ensure that our products are and continue to be of the highest possible quality, we established the Alton Goods Continuos Product Evolution framework. Within this framework each of our products is subject to continuous review. Once our product development and testing process is complete and a product is released to the market, our product evolution does not stop. In fact our product evolution never stops.

No matter how relentless a product testing process is, there is no substitute for the abundance of useful information that can be gained from thousands of different customers using a product for a range of actives in various different environments. 

Under the Alton Goods Continuous Product Evolution, we place heavy importance on customer feedback. Every single suggestion that we receive from our customers is processed internally and thoughtfully considered. It is not uncommon that this feedback will lead to future product edits and improvements.
Further to this, we are fortunate to have team of dedicated staff members that are all passionate adventurers. On any given work day or weekend you will find members of our team out in the wilderness putting our equipment to the test. Not only do we design and produce our equipment but we use it and we use it well! This in turn brings more ideas and feedback to the table and feeds into our Continuous Product Evolution framework.  

We live in a world where consumer retail options are endless and decision making has become difficult. We strongly believe that our products are the best in their field and we stand by this. To make the decision easier for our customers we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t love your new Alton Goods product we will happily provide a refund or exchange within 30 days.

On top of this, we have a selection of products that are covered with a lifetime guarantee.