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Our Difference

Alton Goods fosters a sincere aspiration to provide the world’s best customer experience, and this extends to every aspect of our workings.

Just as meticulous research, design and testing are integral to the development of each product, our entire purchase and post-sale experience has been refined with the utmost consideration to ensure our customers remain nothing short of delighted.

Every time you purchase an Alton Goods product, you are guaranteed to enjoy an experience defined by honesty, quality and convenience - not to mention a reliable product created to accompany you on a lifetime of adventures.

Why buy from Alton Goods?

100% Australian Owned & Operated
We have an intense focus on producing high-quality products
All of our stock is warehoused in Australia
Guaranteed same-day dispatch and swift shipping of all products
Lifetime guarantee on all products
Free shipping on all orders over $50
Every product relentlessly tested in the Australian bush
Attentive quality checks on all products prior to dispatch